Stream of Unconsciousness I

There’s something to be said about people who can just speak or write non-stop with no real slowdown. Not only that, but doing so while remaining entertaining or otherwise listen-to-able, seems to be a talent that is difficult to get the hang of.

The term motor mouth applies here, liberally, like icing on a really dry cake. Scratch that; just literally anything liquid to wash the cake down, cause the icing will make it worse! That sugar isn’t going to help a throat being assaulted by moisture absorbing sponge cake, it’s going to exacerbate it, by a factor of ten!

Look, the point is that stream of consciousness is hard. Always has been, always will be; but it is so much fun to get with once you have it down, if you know what I mean which you might not because if we’re being honest, and I do love being honest, honestly, it’s important to be honest with the people listening to you. There’s an unspoken contract between the listener and the worder, or speaker or whatever, and one of them is don’t blow too much smoke up each other’s asses, right?

But what I meant before is that stream of consciousness is a learned thing, something you can practice and get better at over time. What is better in this case kinda depends on the person making it and the person listening, an aspect of that contract I tangeantified (that’s definitely not a word) earlier. People are going to hear whatever they hear, and the person making the content can intend all he/she/they like; at the end of the day, it’s all about the receive.

Think american football; doesn’t matter how the big guy in the back throws the sack of pigs, all that matters is did the really fast asshole catch it? If not, no progress. It’s the same thing here, where it doesn’t matter what the content creator does so much as whether people like it or not.

So why even bother bringing this up when it comes to stream of consciousness? Northernlion. That’s why. I’ve been listening to the man speak and play games at the same time for the past year and a bit, almost non-stop. I look forward to his videos because he always has something to say, a LOT of something, and he usually manages to get it out of his mouth hole sounding really entertaining. Not always mind you, but how can you expect “always” of anyone? Always is such a B.S term, when you get down to it, and no offence meant to the inestimable Alan Rickman and his incredible talent and works, but Snape was a sunavabitch for saying always. Unless he was being a self-directed man here, which means his universe started and ended with him, there’s no way he could “always” in that situation, whatever it was it’s been a while, because he was going to last all of 5 more minutes! But if he really did think the universe and world started and ended with him then Snape is just an asshat.

Not actually though, Snape was pretty brave about the whole thing, I’d probably just curl up and cry like a little pansy insteard, so kudos to that fictional character presented to us in an immaculate and exceptional performance made by a man who, in his memory I’d just like to state, was a Grade A actor and a phenomenal man.

Where was I again? Right, stream of consciousness, Northernlion, how he’s not always the most entertaining man ever. I have fallen asleep in the middle of his videos if I’m watching late at night, but he’d actually take that as a compliment; he’s okay if other people call his content background noise. I think that’s largely helped by him getting paid either way, but there’s no way to know for sure unless you know him personally, which I don’t. No lie though, I love the idea of it. He seems like a fun guy to play a game with or something.

Anyway, stream of consciousness is hard and I’m going to try practicing writing it so I can practice speaking it. Does that make sense? I hope one day I can make sense. It isn’t today, but one day maybe I’ll manage.


The weekend of mismanaged time

You ever have a period of time where you feel like you blew it?

This weekend has been an exercise in what not to do in time management for me. Starting last Thursday, I began a 7 day stretch of work at my new job. Thursday started at 9 am, and went ’til 3 pm. Same times for friday, 6am – 12am on Saturday and 7am-3pm Sunday. That’s not a really bad thing by any stretch.

However, due to me being a night hawk, Thursday and Friday morning were a little difficult. I stay online and surf, doing little of use save keeping myself awake. Saturday was brutal, as I had a lot of complications getting to work, while at work, and the biggest saving grace was being able to see Kitteh for even a short amount of time. Thinking that I was working at 9 the next day, my mother and brother and I went to see Spiderman at 10:20 that evening. When I found out I had work at 7 instead of 9, I finally did something I never usually do, though it has happened on occasion; regretting seeing a movie. 

I had 4 hours of sleep, a total of under 20 for the past 3-4 nights combined, and finally, today I began to slip apart. Not only did I have a long shift, I had a friend over, and he only just now went home: not that I’m unhappy I spent time with him, but I’ve been doing things like this (spending time with people, games, books, whatever) at the expense of really important things I need to and want to do: talk to Kitteh for instance. Practice music, for another. Follow up on my one job that hasn’t called me in for 2 weeks running. Spend TIME with Kitteh. Just…

I don’t know how I managed to screw things up so badly this weekend. I thought that, with this new job and stuff that I would suddenly understand control; instead, I very much lost the ability to create proper priorities. And I feel horrible for it.

Sorry for the vent.


5 Minute Analysis: Dawn of War is NOT League of Legends

As a small forward, a pal of mine was watching me play Dawn of War: Black Crusade. Oh, the fun I’ve been having playing that game again! It’s loads of good fun. In any case, he looked over my shoulder and proclaimed that “This reminds me of league of legends.”
Well, that simply wouldn’t do.

1. League of Legends (Hereby referred to as LoL) is a MOBA. You control just 1 unit most of the time, and it’s called a hero/champion/macguffit. Dawn of War (Hereby referred to as DoW), you control armies. Many people. HANDLE THEM.

2. LoL is pretty cartoony, charmingly so. You won’t see many torn bodies or genereal mishandling of corpses in a desacratory way. DoW, you are expected, nay, gleefully appreciative of the fact that your many units (HANDLE THEM) are tearing up many others. Grrrrrrrrrrrross! and great, but G(L)ORY.

3. LoL, you cant move the camera save to zoom in. DoW? Oh, that’s an impressive looking army. Let’s take a look at them from ground level.

… Why, yes! It is an impressive looking- *eviscerated*

4. LoL is full of armies, but of only 3-4 kinds of units tops. DoW, you have access to an entire plethora of… okay, there’s a giant spider, many guns, chainswords, and mutant horrors. and that’s a 3rd of the units I can have.

5. MOBA. RTS. Although MOBA comes right out of an RTS, that’s still the big one.

6. Did I mention LoL is a MOBA and not an RTS?

7. LoL takes 30-45 minutes to play on average. DoW takes 10-15. Booya time savings!

8. In one, I play as yordles (dafuq folks) and in the other, I get to play as 8 foot tall warmonsters with a penchant for TEARING YOUR HEART OUT WITH A SPOON. GG yordles.

Next time, I’m going to rip off a famous show and steal their shtick with BACON STRIPS.