Me after fighting World.

Phil is a 20 something year old Canadian guy that looks like everyone else.

Phil is awesome.  Phil is fantastic.  Phil is amazing! Phil is modest!

Phil is STILL talking in the third person! Phil’s ego probably needs deflating…

Actually about me:
I’ve been writing and loving it since high school, but I only started really enjoying myself years ago when I started writing Slow Wolf, my old WoW blog. I’ve been writing on and off since for various reasons. Sometimes I need to blow steam off, other times I get a great idea. There is even a chance for stories!

I’ve also started a YouTube channel and have had an online presence that is minute. To understand this, imagine having a big painting, beautifully well done with lots of detail, and suddenly you notice a little speck that’s just a tiny bit off in the corner. Just a little, but you notice it anyway, so long as you’re looking for it. I’m that speck, damnnit, and I am actually quite proud of that.

If you’re looking for occasional rants, odd melancholy, surprise poetry, sudden stories, and apparently the occasional novel, this blog has it covered with my grimy, bloody, infected hands.

On a side note, everything ends up bloody because World (who happens to be a shit sometimes) beats me up.

If you’d like to contact me, use the form below!


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