Day: June 23, 2016

Stream of Unconsciousness I

There’s something to be said about people who can just speak or write non-stop with no real slowdown. Not only that, but doing so while remaining entertaining or otherwise listen-to-able, seems to be a talent that is difficult to get the hang of.

The term motor mouth applies here, liberally, like icing on a really dry cake. Scratch that; just literally anything liquid to wash the cake down, cause the icing will make it worse! That sugar isn’t going to help a throat being assaulted by moisture absorbing sponge cake, it’s going to exacerbate it, by a factor of ten!

Look, the point is that stream of consciousness is hard. Always has been, always will be; but it is so much fun to get with once you have it down, if you know what I mean which you might not because if we’re being honest, and I do love being honest, honestly, it’s important to be honest with the people listening to you. There’s an unspoken contract between the listener and the worder, or speaker or whatever, and one of them is don’t blow too much smoke up each other’s asses, right?

But what I meant before is that stream of consciousness is a learned thing, something you can practice and get better at over time. What is better in this case kinda depends on the person making it and the person listening, an aspect of that contract I tangeantified (that’s definitely not a word) earlier. People are going to hear whatever they hear, and the person making the content can intend all he/she/they like; at the end of the day, it’s all about the receive.

Think american football; doesn’t matter how the big guy in the back throws the sack of pigs, all that matters is did the really fast asshole catch it? If not, no progress. It’s the same thing here, where it doesn’t matter what the content creator does so much as whether people like it or not.

So why even bother bringing this up when it comes to stream of consciousness? Northernlion. That’s why. I’ve been listening to the man speak and play games at the same time for the past year and a bit, almost non-stop. I look forward to his videos because he always has something to say, a LOT of something, and he usually manages to get it out of his mouth hole sounding really entertaining. Not always mind you, but how can you expect “always” of anyone? Always is such a B.S term, when you get down to it, and no offence meant to the inestimable Alan Rickman and his incredible talent and works, but Snape was a sunavabitch for saying always. Unless he was being a self-directed man here, which means his universe started and ended with him, there’s no way he could “always” in that situation, whatever it was it’s been a while, because he was going to last all of 5 more minutes! But if he really did think the universe and world started and ended with him then Snape is just an asshat.

Not actually though, Snape was pretty brave about the whole thing, I’d probably just curl up and cry like a little pansy insteard, so kudos to that fictional character presented to us in an immaculate and exceptional performance made by a man who, in his memory I’d just like to state, was a Grade A actor and a phenomenal man.

Where was I again? Right, stream of consciousness, Northernlion, how he’s not always the most entertaining man ever. I have fallen asleep in the middle of his videos if I’m watching late at night, but he’d actually take that as a compliment; he’s okay if other people call his content background noise. I think that’s largely helped by him getting paid either way, but there’s no way to know for sure unless you know him personally, which I don’t. No lie though, I love the idea of it. He seems like a fun guy to play a game with or something.

Anyway, stream of consciousness is hard and I’m going to try practicing writing it so I can practice speaking it. Does that make sense? I hope one day I can make sense. It isn’t today, but one day maybe I’ll manage.