TOP 5 Reasons to love Rocco

Rocco-TERMINATORFor those who have been living under the #Awesomenauts rock, the newest patch is bringing a new Naut with it. His name is Rocco the Eagle, an ex-cop with a grudge. He’s out looking for revenge, and that’s just the engine of the “I’m a wicked badass ex-cop out on the loose” trope train that left the station.

Word is on the street he’s also going to have some sweet skins, so I’m looking forward to that: for instance, the newest teaser shows some pretty iconic ninja stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Ronin Rocco!

Every new Naut brings some trepidation though: will be be balanced? Will he be cheap? Easy to play? A list of other items that can be attributed to anybody you don’t like and have probably dated in the past? Who knows for sure until the patch hits live: until then, let’s appreciate the TOP 5 reasons why Rocco is going to be a great addition to the Awesomenauts roster.

5. His playstyle is unique
Rocco is going to be the only Awesomenaut of his kind. Unlike every other Naut who has an ability that can damage creeps and help farm them, Rocco must get solar in one of three ways:

1. Use left click to get droid kills.

2. Play Mario and collect every coin he sees because hot damn he needs the coins.

3. Kill people.

That’s it. I mean, he does have one upgrade that allows his Precision Shot to explode on hit (the explosion will hit droids), but he needs to kill. Other Nauts have a preference towards ganking and making kills, but Rocco has no other option. This ties into the next entry…

4. Rocco is really thematic
Eagles are carnivores. Rocco, obviously then, is a carnivore. You want to know why Rocco can’t farm droids? Because that stuff tastes AWFUL. It’s not like Clunk tastes much better, but you can bet that Voltar’s egg head is full of enough nutritious amniotic fluids that it’s a wonder workout geeks haven’t been sucking back brains in jars to help build muscle instead of whatever pansy-not-eagle-way of doing it.

Did you know that eagles have eyesight that allows them to see 4-8 times better than a human? Rocco can shoot 4-8 times farther than Raelynn on max snipe as far as I care. He shoots across the map with arrows capable of picking off fleeing Nauts who aren’t watching their backs. That’s a killer’s eyesight!

And I promise he’s an eagle. Although he’s modeled on this adorable raptor…


He’s been passed off as an eagle many times by Ronimo themselves. Still, all the things I said about eagles apply to hawks: hawks are just cuter and far smaller.

Finally, the super awesome tie in to Hawkeye is very appreciated. I loves me some Hawkeye, and Rocco here is as close as one gets to having Clint Barton in-game (well, this game at least).

3. His amazing character theme
Just listen to the thing  would ya? I’ll wait.

That 80’s cop show feel is perfect. Cannot wait to listen to this while queuing.

2. He rewards good play with powerful affects
How do you balance an Awesomenaut so he has a mediocre though balanced early game, but has a strong late game? SYNERGY through SKILL!

It has been since Swiggins that we really saw this level of mechanical manipulation. If you turn on Vengeance, it lasts longer the more Rapid Arrows you land. Precision shot and Rapid Arrows both grants slow as well, meaning he can chase better: it also helps that his awful slowdown while shooting is nulled while in Vengeance mode.

With the correct upgrades, Precision shot can come out and hit someone for 430 damage. Your Rapid arrows now attack super-quickly thanks to another upgrade you picked up, causing a stream of painful, damaging darts to fly across the screen at a ridiculous rate. With the help of another upgrade, the arrows are reducing the cooldown of your precision shot, which allows you to speed up your arrows again.

Keep in mind, all of these arrows are slowing people down and doing an obscene amount of damage, while also extending the duration of Vengeance.

This takes time to get all the upgrades necessary. This also takes skill to pull off, since he needs to be close enough to land the arrows without getting murdered in the process; it also means that one missed arrow could kill you.

Rewarding skill with power is contentious past a certain point, but with Rocco is a symphony of skill in its own right, and I love it.

Must type like this to play

1. People will hopefully stop complaining about Froggy G for a bit

Forggy-G-threadNothing against the people here, but when I read the Beta patch notes thread, and somehow the conversation turns to Frog when he’s not even in the patch notes, and we have a brand new character on the way, we may have a problem.




One comment

  1. The reason most patch note discussion goes back to Froggy G is because most people believe all characters should be balanced around him, as he is the perfect middle ground. Therefore anytime any balances are made, the Froggy chart needs to come out too.


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