Final Address (UWindsor Fac Ed Students, 2015)

Graduation Hat: After all that... we didn't even all get a hat.  Hello Teachers! Happy Graduation Day!

I wanted to say a couple of words before I sign off, as this may be my last chance to really address the lot of you before I, realistically, never have the chance to do so again.

First, I wanted to say how incredibly fortunate I am to have served as president to a student body who, on all counts, have been amazing in so many ways. The conversations, experiences, ideas, friends, projects, and ridiculous stress have really cemented my opinion of you all: we truly are a powerful body of students, now educators, and I couldn’t be more humbled by my experience trying to know as many of you as possible.

Second, how sad I am to have said goodbye to so few. There are ~400 of our class, not counting the ever elusive ECE students. I said my goodbyes in March, April, and again today on the day of our graduation; still, I haven’t been able to sincerely wish enough you the best of luck in your future careers, whatever you decide them to be.

Third, I wanted to give some advice moving forward. We are all moving towards a future: for some, it’s more certain than others. There might be no restrictions, an open future filled to the brim with a cocktail of nothing but empowering choice; then again, there might be a whole slew of influences, both inside and out, that prohibit even the slightest veering of course.

In either case, I’ve seen what you are all capable of. During the times that I was walking by classes, listening to other conversations, or rushing around, I was observing the people around me. What I saw has convinced me that you, my dearest colleagues, are all capable of making your way through this world… one way or another.

I wished I had been able to do more as your president. I honestly feel as if I could have known more of you, and better helped the rest of the society to really achieve its full potential. Regardless, it has been an honour being the president of our society.

I will miss every single moment spent serving you all.

Philip Budd
President of the FacEdAD Student Society


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