I just started my third practicum placement 3 days ago at a school called Davis. it’s a small building that houses an extraordinary community of really caring and inspiring teachers. With luck on my side, I was placed there under the music teacher there. She is wonderful: she obviously cares about the school and the students, and is hugely passionate and inventive when it comes to music teaching.

In addition, there has been the wonderful experience of meeting the Vice principal there, who has been hugely supportive and is always curious about how I’m doing. She is willing to give me excellent advice on anything I need help with. Good thing, too, since the only thing I can think of is how utterly and completely exhausted I am.

It has nothing to do with my associate teacher, and I honestly think that the school is a fine one; especially considering the patrons to which it caters. No, I’m exhausted because teaching Junior kindergarten all the way up to grade 7, every day, is crazy. And I’ve only been teaching 50% of my AT’s workload. It doesn’t help that things outside my control aggravate the situation, and things I can do are frequently falling by the wayside.

This frightens me. The huge amount of work it needs and the amount of stress I am under are indicative of a bad fit already. Did I mention it was a 50% workload so far? I am overwhelmed and drowning under the riptide of rotary, and I am working with an objectively small amount of work to do.

If anyone has any pointers, I’m all ears.