I have no idea what I am doing.

For serious, I have no idea.

Last night, after toying around with my Psycho in Borderlands 2 until two in the morning, I decided it would be a great idea to catch up on Book 2 of the legend of Korra. side note: that was a lot of twos. I watched tv until 6 am, wasn’t sleepy, proceeded to go crazy, and now here I am.

By crazy, I mean the following: breakfast, wake up my mom side note: very rare occurrence considering her vocation, clean basement, start to clean room, listen to the Owl’s theme from OoT on loop, delve into the mysteries of cheese making and nasal mucus, and now I am here.

Exhaustion and caffeine have an interesting effect on me side note: read “interesting” as downright weird. I have been active, and now that I’m sitting, I’m having constant microsleeps. It’s very odd.

I would have hoped for a bit more creativity on my end, but alas no such luck. Short stories are in short supply side note: not a funny pun, dispense with those and I really don’t write much on here. Any idea?

I’m thinking that I just need to get some sleep; but that’s not happening until Kepora Gebora gets out of my head. I think I’ve finally figured out the major parts of it on the piano, and I won’t be happy until it’s transcribed.


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