The weekend of mismanaged time

You ever have a period of time where you feel like you blew it?

This weekend has been an exercise in what not to do in time management for me. Starting last Thursday, I began a 7 day stretch of work at my new job. Thursday started at 9 am, and went ’til 3 pm. Same times for friday, 6am – 12am on Saturday and 7am-3pm Sunday. That’s not a really bad thing by any stretch.

However, due to me being a night hawk, Thursday and Friday morning were a little difficult. I stay online and surf, doing little of use save keeping myself awake. Saturday was brutal, as I had a lot of complications getting to work, while at work, and the biggest saving grace was being able to see Kitteh for even a short amount of time. Thinking that I was working at 9 the next day, my mother and brother and I went to see Spiderman at 10:20 that evening. When I found out I had work at 7 instead of 9, I finally did something I never usually do, though it has happened on occasion; regretting seeing a movie. 

I had 4 hours of sleep, a total of under 20 for the past 3-4 nights combined, and finally, today I began to slip apart. Not only did I have a long shift, I had a friend over, and he only just now went home: not that I’m unhappy I spent time with him, but I’ve been doing things like this (spending time with people, games, books, whatever) at the expense of really important things I need to and want to do: talk to Kitteh for instance. Practice music, for another. Follow up on my one job that hasn’t called me in for 2 weeks running. Spend TIME with Kitteh. Just…

I don’t know how I managed to screw things up so badly this weekend. I thought that, with this new job and stuff that I would suddenly understand control; instead, I very much lost the ability to create proper priorities. And I feel horrible for it.

Sorry for the vent.



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