I’m negative most of the time, BUT NOT TODAY (The happy post)

VIsual representation of my blog as of now

If there’s one thing I love to write, it’s a good rant.

Rants literally write themselves: if you feel “passionate” about something, rampant stupidity for instance, then your post flows from your fingertips, and it’s some of the funniest stuff you can write.

However, it has been pointed out by some (notably Kitteh) that I write a lot of rants. Negative ones, mind you, that give my virtual self the appearance of being a whiny ^$#%&! And that’s something that I really am not, most of the time, I promise; but the truth remains that there’s a lot of negative on this blog, when there’s really a lot of good to write about as well!

So here’s a list of awesome ^$#& as it’s happening in my life right now, that will be sure to make everyone reading it immediately hate-my-guts/eh/thats-nice-let’s-make-with-a-rant

1. I found a job! To be fair, I found two: the first was a window cleaning gig, but the manager for that particular business is a great rant waiting to happen; I’ll talk about him later as a result. After that, I found a job at a coffee shop, and I’m quickly learning the ropes! Plus, free coffee and bagels is a delicious (and potentially dangerous) combo.

2. I’m starting a double major! I’m not only going to continue to major in music, I’m going to major in Philosophy as well (Phil the Philosopher, hoo hoo hoo)! Why? Because I ^%$#ing love philosophy! It’s a lot of fun to talk about things on a level that’s intangible, to really think about humans, ideas, and the principals on which every society on this planet is founded.

In short, I get to use my brain and feel smart and &$#^. That’s good enough for me!

3. I still have a girlfriend! That’s an accomplishment, seeing as I can be a pain in the ass ❤

4. I am going to start an ARG! Alternate Reality Games are something of interest to me, and I’m going to start one based off of a webcomic called Homestuck: for those who have read it, keep reading. For those who haven’t, please try it. It’s one of the best on the net, easy.

ANYWURZ, I’m really excited for this ARG. I’ve never played one before, but I’ll take this as a great opportunity to learn what they’re all about: for more info, ask this guy a question or two. He’s my best buddy ever, and he knows more about this than I do by far.

5. I’m taking driving lessons! That’s right, this manly man is going to be driving. WIll I be a deliverer of people or a destroyer of roads? We shall see!

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ELSE TO WRITE. Diablo 3 is awesome and is the dungeon crawler I’ve wanted for years. HoN is really becoming a potent game, more so than ever before, and Mid Wars is the fucking craziest stuff ever. My Dad and I are getting along really well. My one friend is getting married in 2 weeks, and my tuba buddy is getting married to a clarinetist. My brother has been tweeting crazy shit for over a year and is going back to school for Criminology so he can get into CSIS (ideally). My Dad is on the up and up, and is incredibly hopeful of the future. My other brother is halfway done law school and is going to be a lawyer soon. It’s sunny. I can almost play the baseline for Hysteria by Muse on air piano (this is much cooler). I’m officially out of ideas.



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