15 Minute Short Story: Warhammer 40K Part 2

You can check out part 1 here! This might be a continuing story, so keep your eyes peeled.


The two stood again in a silence only the two could hear, the spatter and blasts of raging warfare still humming away in the the distant reaches of their concentration.

The Ultramarine, pride of Calgar and greatest child of the Codex Astartes, began to circle his brother. “Blind, say you? And what would you say you are brother? I see clearly what once was a foggy vision to me. You are treading a path that leads us all to doom! You are the one who is blind, blind to the kindness of the god emperor himself. He gives of strength, hope, and salvation when your path only offers death and destruction.” He paused. “What drives this madness?”

The white clad marine, the telltale symbols of the apothecary detailing his armour still visible beneath the grime of battle, simply shook his head as he paced in tandem with the ultramarine, the two super-humans moving like twin stars in orbit amongst one another.

“Brother Carius, do you not see what our emperor has done? I’ve seen many worlds, and many places. Like you, I’ve lived amongst the stars like a god amongst men, an angel of death, an instrument of our emperor’s will. All we’ve seen from high upon our perch is war, brother. Bitter, brutal war, and for what? Humanity? The souls that he calls upon to later feed his throne?” He spat in the blood drenched dirt, his face clenched in a snarl. “He is not fit to rule, Carius. He feeds off of us not unlike the Chaos we’ve fought so hard against. He rules us with an iron fist, and brokers no other ideologies. He was mighty once, but now he is a spectre that forces man to writhe in agony, worlds to be broken under, and life to be forfeit before him.”

The apothecary stopped, and looked Carius in the eye. Carius’s face was full of constrained rage, and immeasurable suffering and sadness. The ultramarine shed tears that disturbed the war torn dirt they trod upon, dampening the ashes of a now dead metropolis. The white clad space marine couldn’t help but do the same, his chosen path now crossing way beyond the point of no return.

“Brother Carius. We have known each other a very long time. Lifetimes longer than any man can have the opportunity. It has been an honour serving with you, brother.”

Brother Captain Carius, champion of Ultramar, unhitched his chain sword as it sprung to life, the saw tooth edge of the blade spinning so fast that it stirred the dust on the wind around it. “Brother Lucian, it has been an honour. Our father would be proud of our power.” Carius’s face became stony as he concentrated on one thing only. “It anyone is to end you, your brother in blood will be your undoing.”

As he charged towards his battle brother willing to let Lucian’s blood spill, Lucian hung his head. He unhitched his sword, the sword springing to life as the vibro-metal hum grew to a high pitched whine. He looked once more to his brother now consumed with rage.

“For the Emperor!”

The Apothecary charged forward towards his fate.

“For Freedom!”


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