Ah, Thanksgiving. The holiday where I have a the perfect excuse to eat fowl food ’til I get sick of it.

This year’s a bit different though: due to circumstances, I’m not having it with my family. Suffice to say that if I did, I wouldn’t be happy, nor would anyone else at the table; So I’m having a bit of an unorthodox thanksgiving.

The usual tradition is one of family: we get together in one big area, usually end up building or cleaning all day since the cottages need maintenance (and loads of it!) and then finish the day off with a massive dinner with turkey and stuffing and scalloped potatoes, among other things. Everyone has a great time, and the entire family (counsins, aunts, uncles) get completely stuffed and…

Like this but with people

Well, either way, that’s not happening for me this year. I didn’t earn my way into the family over the summer and now can’t go there without it being really, really awkward. Instead, I’m at my mom’s for the first time in 12 years, having had thanksgiving dinner a night beforehand at a sushi restaurant with her and my brother Julian.

In fact, instead of having dinner with my family as per usual on thanksgiving sunday, my girlfriend and her parents invited me to their thanksgiving. Apparently this means I’m in their really good books.

And ye, we doth add Phil, for his nose be too big not to include...

It’s a weird situation when I think about it: Thanksgiving dinner has always been about family and getting together for one weekend amongst a huge amount of crazy schedules. This year, I’m not going to be with my family, but with someone else’s. It’s kinda like I’m borrowing an extended family for a weekend.

So what is thanksgiving for me this year? I suppose that, even though I’m an atheist and “giving thanks” probably has a lot less meaning than it would for any of the christians ’round here, I’m giving thanks for my girlfriend and her family for including me with them, when I’ve only been around for 6 months. I’m giving thanks for my mom and my brother Julian for convincing me to come home, cause I think we all needed to see each other. I’m also giving thanks for one last opportunity to show that I can do well in school, cause “mediocre” doesn’t cut it these days, and despite all the flak I can give my dad he did give me one more chance, despite his judgement.

Mostly, I’m giving thanks that I get to eat a shit ton of turkey and I don’t have to cook it!

What are you all giving thanks for today?


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