A Figment of Nothing at All

The winds of space and time blew through the vast expanse around me, an empty place with nothing at all.

Imagine that: nothing at all. It’s hard to imagine, and it’s even harder to see. At first, I look for a floor that doesn’t exist, and then I try to see where I am only to find out there’s no light either. I can’t even call what my eyes aren’t seeing black.

A voice breaks the nothing with the clarity of someone who does very little talking, but expects to be heard when it does.

“Oh dear, I think you’ve taken a wrong turn. Are you quite alright?” So passive, so patient was the voice that I no fear of the speaker.

I thought for a moment about the question it posed to me. “Well, there’s nothing particularly wrong, so I guess alright is about right.”

“Delightful,”  the voice exclaimed, “well then unless there’s anything I can help you with, I’ll be on my way.”

“I actually do have something you could help me with. First, I was wondering where I am and how I got here. Second, who and what you are. If I think of anything else, I’ll tell you.”

The voice stayed silent for a bit. You could almost hear it thinking. Finally, it spoke again.

“Well, you’re in Nothing, at the moment. It’s very quiet, especially for a crossroads between one thing and another, it’s rare to have any two things travelling through the same nothing at the same time, but it does happen. Most things also move through Nothing so quickly they don’t even think about it, since it’s usually a time when something changes; and as everyone knows, things change quick!”

That made sense, I thought.

It continued. “As for who and what I am, I’m a figment of your imagination, a delusion in an illusion of your mind. Simply put, I’m here because you want me to be, and in a space of Nothing, anything can happen.”

Strange, but I didn’t argue. It’s hard to argue with something that you made up about 20 seconds ago.

“That’s cool,” I said, “but I was wondering if maybe I could have some light to see and a floor to stand on.”

All at once, a great plain of matter appeared under my feet, brownish in colour. I looked down to see I was wearing dark blue sneakers and straight cut jeans, along with a plain dark blue t-shirt. I had a great deal more hair on my head by the feel of it. I wiggled comfortably in my clothes, and I didn’t really care that I didn’t own a pair of blue sneakers.

I looked up to see where the voice was, but aside from me and the floor, there was nothing there. “I was wondering if I could see you too, actually. I’ve never seen a figment of my imagination for more than a second at a time.”

All at once, a strange… thing appeared. It stood at about 8 feet tall from the bottom of its leafy cloak to the tip of it’s bone coloured horns. It wore a mask of the same colour, which had two tiny black eyes and a small black mouth. the rest of its body was covered in a cloak made of long leaves of various greens and purples. Although it was hard to tell, it was smiling.

Cool. I thought for a moment about something else I could ask my imagination, and then spoke up.

“So why am I here in this Nothing for as long as I am?”

The figment stood perfectly still for a moment before it responded. “Well, it seems like you’re caught up in a lot of feelings at the moment that don’t make sense to you yet. Maybe you needed some time to just think. That’s usually a good reason not to move from one thing to another, just so you don’t trip on something by accident.”

It stood completely still again, smiling. I thought for a second, and debated whether he was right or not. I decided he was partially right, but there was something more to it. “Makes sense, but there’s gotta be something more to it than that.”

The figment tilted it’s head, pondering. “The feelings are conflicting maybe. When one force pushed one way, and another  one pushes in the opposite direction, then I could understand why they might not move anywhere.”

That sounded about right to me. “So I should choose a feeling and that’ll get me out of here?”

“Yes,” it began, “it’ll move you from the Nothing into a something. Feeling nothing is about as bad as it gets, so you might want to feel something soon. Take your time though, cause there’s no going backwards when you move from one something to another. Particularly when those feelings are opposite, you really should consider which one you want to be.”

I thought for a moment.


Anger flowed from my body and went deep into my pillows, my mattress, and my covers. I blinked from the light entering the room, my eyes still heavy from napping. I remembered a weird looking green person who smiled, but it was hard to remember anything at this point.

My phone notified me of a text, which I checked, and put down again. I felt at ease, though still exhausted and still down from earlier; but I wasn’t mad anymore, which was good considering how ragey I felt before I fell asleep. I guessed that I was still thinking, but I realized that I was okay.

I picked up my phone, and texted back that I was fine. I just needed to pick what I was feeling.


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