One of the great things about having a girlfriend like Kitty is that she likes to watch all kinds of things on T.V. Thanks to Kitty, I’ve had the pleasure (and morbid satisfaction) of watching 1000 Ways to Die, the intrigue from Mad Men, and like any other hilariously awesome relationship, the occasional horror movie.

Okay, to be fair, we’ve only seen one, but I’m sure we’ll see more.

The first movie to fit this genre is DOD SNO, or Dead Snow when translated to english from… What do they speak in northern Europe? I really wish I knew. It certainly isn’t Viking, that’s a fact.

In any case, it’s a story about a group of 7(Well, 8 briefly for the first minute or two) medical students who do a bunch of stupid stuff (i.e: Go on vacation, in the middle of nowhere, where you can’t get to by car, where cell phones don’t work) and then wait for their friend (the 8th person who lasted 2 minutes). While they wait, a disgruntled old man barges into the cabin, and tells a tale about how the are is haunted with the souls of Nazi’s the locals never got to murder earlier. That there’s “something” that’s worse than the wolves.

Read as Nazi Zombies.

Go figure, the med students commit a couple of the cardinal sins of a horror movie (i.e: Have sex, go out on one’s own, get fat and get scared/Zombie food, etc.) and then all hell breaks loose.

And sweet, sweet hell it was.

I honestly enjoyed every minute of this movie. It was gruesome, it was scary at parts, it was hilarious at others, but most importantly it was incredibly entertaining. As proof, here’s probably a favourite bit of mine.

There’s only one thing that bugs me though: No unintelligible moans of Brains. I was hoping my first real zombie movie would have that. 😦


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  1. I just watched that via streaming Netflix this past the weekend (I believe they’re speaking Norwegian) with my son. He’s 11. We saw Zombieland together last year, and we watched Army of Darkness (aka Evil Dead 3) earlier this year. There were a few bits in Dead Snow that made him jump, and the sex scene in the outhouse had him covering his eyes (as I said, he’s 11 😉 but we both LOL’d at the Z getting nailed by the low-hanging branch 😀

    Oh, and the guy who chopped off his arm because he’d been bitten, only to get bit a second time. That was a brilliant scene. From the biting of the arm to the shockingly bloody removal of the same, right up until the second bite and the resigned acceptance “Well, I’m not cutting THAT off.”


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