I Create Bad Moods

I have no idea if anyone has ever said this before, but in the progress of learning new things, one will inevitably step on a few eggshells and break them.

So I’m talking to Kitty, and the conversation turns to how my brother said I’m “whipped” in his usual way anytime that I spend time with a girlfriend. She didn’t like this, and I asked her why, and that proceeded to whip open a whole new can of worms to talk about.

Don’t worry, no details. I can see how that wouldn’t be appreciated by anyone.

For me, I was here to learn about lots of things, and to explain my point of view to see how it checked against hers. Unfortunately, I did something wrong, and I got her into a bad mood.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either: I can remember that a great deal of fights I had with Lorelai were started the same way: hell, I can remember one particularly heated match we had when we were talking about what was a worse punishment: Eternal torture in hell, or the cessation of feeling anything but maintaining awareness for all eternity. That ended with her shouting and her mum coming down to calm her down. Or the time when we talked about the death penalty. Or just about anything you can think of, actually. %$#@, it was worse than shit slinging monkeys armed with potato cannons riding a flatulent horse.

Shit. Everywhere.

You know what? I blame this guy.

In the end though, there is one, singular thing all  these things had in common: the girlfriend is always in a bad mood afterwards, and I’m clueless as to what I’ve done wrong most of the time.

This leads me to one of a few conclusions:
1. I’m a terrible person and I’m the only person who doesn’t see it.
2. Secretly, I’ve been brainwashed by a secret organization to create bad moods so that they might harness the “negative vibes” to create death rays.
3. Most plausibly, I’m just a really confrontational person without realizing it, and simply clash with everyone on everything because I like the conflict.

In short, I just don’t get why I make so much hate; Maybe I’m socially challenged. Maybe I’m a horrible, bad person deep down inside and I revel in people being angry. It’s entirely possible I’m a shit slinging monkey. No matter what it is though, I seem to being out some of the worst in people (although Kitty is actually really good about it. She’s as calm as it gets, and just as irritated as I am. This is a nice change, especially when compared to past experiences where the other person is just mad as hell) and I should probably do one of two things.

1. Become a hermit, and live my days as a nonsensical old man in the North American Rockies on the top of mount Logan.
2. Learn how to use the “negative energies” from peoples “feelings” and market the world’s first Bad Mood Electricity Generator, market it for millions, and then not have to worry about things ever again.

And they will know my NAME is the LORD... when I lay my squirrelly vengeance upon them!

Personally, I like option 2.


EDIT: This isn’t an everyday occurrence, I promise. Especially not around Kitty, it has only happened this once ^^”


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