So Apparently I Need To Be An Auctioneer

While at work, I often get “HOST” shifts, meaning I’m the one that takes tickets, hands out 3D glasses, and directs people to their seats. In reality, I’m kinda the pretty face that makes the Cinisphere look good, if looking good means a furry faced thug lookalike with a face that looks like that of Sam the Eagle from Sesame Street (Thanks Kitty :P).

Anyways, here I am doing the ticket taking, and up comes a couple of people. A couple of hellos later, they’re inside and finding the way to their seats. No problem. Then come up a small family then, all at once, a throng of people that did not end until the show had started. This is when regular went out the window, and I realized that quick talking was the only way to manage.

This, folks, is what ended up happening:

Throughout the rest of the day, my co-workers had all decided I don’t breathe enough. Ever.

Although I’m inclined to agree, and so would my Euphonium teacher, I don’t think I’ll stop. It’s too funny to see their faces 😀


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