A Post For The Holidays

Yahoo hoo hoo.

I’d just like to say a few things to a few people as the holiday comes to a point.

I’d like to wish everyone a merry christmas, whether or not you celebrate it.  I don’t care.  Take my good wishes and translate them to whatever, I don’t care, but they’re good wishes.  So take them please!

Second, I’d like to thank everyone at the school of music for another wonderful semester.  To the faculty: I apologize for being a snippy. arrogant, and incredibly bad student.  I promise next semester that I’ll be responsible.  I swear.  ❤

To my colleagues, thanks for being fuckawesome in every way.  You made my days energetic, fun, and in some cases, far too interesting for my own good.

To my housemates for being the best housemates ever: enjoying a good party, putting up with my sailor’s mouth, and my nerd rage when the time came for it.  You all win a prize.

Drew, you’re one in a million for playing games with such a competitive asshole and putting up with my quirkiness, and running with it.  I don’t know how you manage, but if anybody in the house can put up with me for the longest, it’s you.

Ryan, you covered for my first month of rent, ensuring I would have someplace to live this year.  Your crazy philosophies are loads of fun talking about, and I can’t wait to talk about them some more when we get back.  I’ll even bring some movies of my own to watch!

Amanda, you’re shy as hell, but one of the nicest people ever, and when a party gets started, and you’re into it? You’re the damn life of it.  Remember Bohemian Rhapsody? I don’t, but it was fun as hell apparently.  Please post that video again.

To our most honourary member of The Castle, Mary, I thank you for cleaning my house when I needed it most, and for some of the more hilarious moments in the house.  Plus, it’s always a lot of fun talking cards and greek and stuff with you, I learn a lot.

To my family for always wondering how I’m doing, and sending me all the love in the world.  It means a lot to me, despite my lack of communication.  I promise.

And finally, to Ash, please remember that the copy you have of Mr. Holland’s Opus is mine, and not to break it.  It’s really important to me that it remain in one piece.

Merry Christmas all of you, and happy holidays!




  1. Christmas is the most commercialized holiday of the year, and yet somehow it’s offensive to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    “Happy Holidays!”

    Which Holiday?

    “Excuse me?”

    You wished me ‘Happy Holidays’. Which Holidays are you referring to?

    “Um. Christmas?”

    So why not just wish me a Merry Christmas?

    “Um. It’s…store policy?”

    Really? Are you telling me that during one of the most commercialized holidays of the year, that it’s store policy to not mention that particular holiday by name?


    Merry Christmas.

    “Merry Christmas.”

    See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?


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