On Being An Ocean

This may be a bit much.

Before I get into the meat of this post, I’d just like to say that I’ve been writing a lot still, but a lot of it has been private for the sake of just some of my personal feelings recorded, things you guys would be bored to tears with.  Trust, not much is up.

Now for the meat of the post: on being an ocean.

When I think of people, I can usually put them into a category based on how they react to the world.  Fire, Ocean, Earth, and Wind.  Yeah, not only is it fucking amazing that these are the fabled four elements of RPG sauce, but they’re useful for psychoanalytic philosophical bullshit too!

Keep in mind, this is all the very extreme of every “element” and really, a good balance of all of them is necessary.

Wind is usually where I put people who think purely about themselves.  Like the wind, they do as they please despite what everyone wants it to do.  They’ll blow hard at something one minute and then be completely still on it the next, being completely unpredictable in terms of what they want and where they stand.  Younger kids are a good example of Wind people.  One minute, they love something to bits.  The next, they’ll scream and shout to keep it away.

Earth is about as defensive as it gets.  Earth people tend to avoid conflict unless absolutely necessary.  When they’re ideas are threatened and under attack, Earth people defend their ideas to the bitter end, regardless of whether it’s the best idea or not.  For anyone else, it’s aggravating to argue with an Earth person: no matter how well you prove their point, it’s like trying to break a rock wall with a small chisel.  Sure, it’ll happen eventually, but no time soon and it’s usually not worth the effort.  I’ve got a few friends like this, which makes every game of Magic/Anything digital that I play with them a lawyering experience.

Fire is very offensive.  They’re very personal, and keep to their ideas and beliefs with burning passion.  Like real fires, anything tossed at them is burned, or at least hissed and sizzled at.  They won’t go so far as to defend their ideas so much as try to cut the opposing idea off at the shins, calling it “stupid” or “pointless.”  The other interesting part of Fire people is that they burn themselves too:  anything they see wrong with themselves is instantly scrutinized and singled out, amplified, and then finally blown waaaaaaaay out of proportion.  It’s an interesting note that Fire people are called “defensive” when all the language they use is offensive, either to themselves or others.

Finally, there’s Ocean.  Ocean people tend to be very calm, and don’t seem to display much on the outside.  It’s hard to read an Ocean person.  The one thing that sets Ocean people apart from the rest is acceptance (yes, this is a shameless call back to that one scene from “Waking life”.  You don’t like it, you can suck my digital hammer).  Whenever a river flows into an Ocean, the Ocean accepts it.  Ocean people don’t outright refuse things; the contrary is true, in that they accept things for what they are.

But we all know those last few paragraphs are completely full of shit you can read in a self help pamphlet.

Here’s the point I really wanted to make visible: being an ocean person involves accepting you and things for who and what they are, without burning yourself constantly.  I hate it when people think they’re trash, especially people I know who aren’t.  They constantly think themselves a burden on their families and society, without recognizing that they aren’t that at all.  If you think this at all, you have to step back and really look at what’s up, and I mean really look.  You gottta look past all the shit that makes you feel horrible, ’cause I can guarantee that if you think that you’re letting other people down, that you got one really good thing going for you: you’re care about someone, or something.  You’re not a horrible person if you think that.  A horrible person would simply ignore them.

You gotta also accept that not everything is your fault.  Tried hard but couldn’t find a job? If you tried and gave it your best, then it’s not your fault.  You just gotta keep trying! When your friends try to help you, you are not being a weight.  They’re volunteering to help you, they love you enough to do that; and that’s the kind of thing that anyone should be thankful for, and I’ll give you a tip for free.

When people want to help you, you aint got it that bad.

So accept that maybe you don’t have everything you’ve ever wanted, but you gotta accept that you do have things that are good too.  You shouldn’t burn yourself when you’ve got all these cool things around you.  It’s just uncool.


So the next time you’re feeling down and burnt out, just remember you’ve got your feet on solid ground, and maybe accepting that things happen and that good things happen too will give you the wind in your sails needed to get back up and do the shit you love to do.

Oh, and for all the people I told to suck my digital hammer? Yeah, that was my penis.  Thought you’d like to know.  Thanks Nathan Fillion.


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