Why All The Hate?

I am an Atheist.

Yeah, you heard me.  I don’t believe in a god, and I don’t think that we go anywhere when we die.  While I’m at it, you can probably fill out your fair share of things you believe atheism is right here:


Go on, I’ll wait.  It’s cool.

It’s also not the point.

I recently had a really cool discussion with a friend of mine.  His biggest goal in life is to find the answer.  Yeah, the one Douglas Adam’s found out was 42.  He wants to find the one truth, and his search has led him to a really good woman.  She also happens to be a devout christian, and he has decided he’ll give Christianity a shot.

We had a really neat discussion as to what exactly is a religion, and in the end, I had my own conclusion for it.  Neatly put, religion is an idea or philosophical organization of ideas that attempts to explain everything we can’t know about, from the beginning of our galaxy to how everything seems so perfect.  Which is separate from faith, which is the belief in a higher power of some sort.

At this point we got into where science comes in, but that’s not the point.

The important thing that came out of this discussion was when my friend mentioned atheism under the same umbrella as the big religions.  When I thought about it, he was totally in the clear: atheism is a philosophical organization of ideas that I believe in, just like a christian believes in Christ and God or muslims with their belief in… well, whatever they believe in.  I haven’t talked to any muslims yet on this level, so I wouldn’t really know.  I sleep on it, and decide that’s totally cool.

So this morning, I hop on Twitter to see what’s hanging, and I come across one of the most aggravating things I’ve ever seen.  A friend of mine, who happens to be a christian, was being told by her friends how “wrong” she is.

Here’s a little announcement for you folks who go around doing that.

Just because you’re an atheist doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole.

A big selling point in being an atheist for me is my own personal freedom.  I won’t go into why, but just understand that that’s a value that I hold dear.  With this little tidbit, keep in mind that I believe everyone should have freedom.  Freedom to have a snack, flip off someone they don’t like, and to believe whatever they choose to believe.

Just so long as it doesn’t impede someone else’s freedom.

By telling people, people with the freedom to believe in Christ or whoever, that they’re wrong? That’s no better than a priest telling me I’m a heathen and that I’m a lost sheep and blahblah that I’m wrong.

Here’s the big reason I hate it when atheists do this thing, and it comes with a challenge! All the atheists out there, I triple dog DARE you to PROVE to me that gods DON’T exist.

I’ll get back to ya in 75 years.  See how you doin’.

The fact is, just like we can’t prove there is one, we can’t prove there isn’t one, and therefore we can’t prove anyone wrong either.  So all you’re doing, when you tell people that they’re beliefs are wrong, is being an asshole.

So why all the hate? Why’s everyone so determined to be an asshole? Why can’t everyone be, you know, a little reasonable and be more accepting of things? It’s like that one scene in waking life, the guy in the taxi boat.  His big thing is that he goes through life as if he’s an ocean.  The ocean accepts all rivers, and in the end everything brings something to the table.  Now, he may not like it, and he may not want to see it, but he accepts it all the same and moves on.  He’s open to ideas, and isn’t hatin’ on everything.

As we move into the religious ground zero that is a commercialized Christmas, I plead at everyone to not be bigoted in your beliefs, and to not be an asshole.

Gives me a bad name.

Cool?  Cool.  Glad we had this talk.



  1. Well, you know, the truth is, most people are assholes. At least from what I’ve experienced. Whether its an atheist asshole or a religious asshole, that’s just how they are. If there was a religion that could turn assholes into non-assholes, I’d be all for that religion


  2. As an atheist, I don’t say theists or their beliefs are “wrong” per se; merely that, given the paucity of evidence, their belief or “faith” is completely UNJUSTIFIED. And *that* — taking a truth claim without sufficient evidence to support it and making it inform your every action — is what’s “wrong”, regardless of what the claim is about.

    As to being “reasonable” or accepting, I go back to that old chestnut about your right to flail your fist around ending where the tip of my nose begins — if religious folks had the decency to keep their imaginary friends and unjustified opinions to themselves, they’d never hear a single cross word from me. It’s their insistence on trying to force the rest of us into behaving as if we share their personal delusions that gives me both the right and the duty to slap them down, hard.


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