Lonesome Euphist

Have you ever felt like you’re the only one on campus who does ______(insert anything here)?

I can guarantee that I have felt that way.  I still do, for I am a Euphist.

See, in a lot of universities and groups in the states and, well, just about anywhere else, there are at least 2 or 3 euphonium players on campus.  Roughly.

Where I go? I’m a lone wolf: without a partner, I stand alone, cry wail QQ.

All emo aside, it’s actually a perplexing situation, and to explain this I’ll have to tell you a story…

Moment of shame, when I was applying to get into universities, I applied to 5 different universities.  1 fucked up my application, so I was don to 4.  After 3 disappointing auditions, I was down to the wire ’cause I knew this was my last shot.  If I messed that one up… well, life was not going to end well.

So here I come to the last audition.  I do the audition, which I was sure was mediocre at best, and then go home.  I thought I was done for; but lo and behold, the last university accepted me! I was ecstatic, and couldn’t believe I had improved that much… and then I found out I was the first Euphonium to apply to that school in 5 years.

Well, what does that say about me?

Since then I’ve improved greatly, but every time I take a step in the halls of the faculty, I can’t help but wonder if I got in for merit… or because I play a Euphonium.

With the exception of the bassoonist, no one else quite has the same problem, and even the bassoonist doesn’t quite have the same feeling: she’s brilliant beyond words, works way too hard, and it really pays off for her.  She’s easily one fo the best musicians on campus.

Me? Not so much.

So I try not to think about it too often, and look at it as a way to really show off what a Euphonium can do.  I think that’s what’s best; but am I strange to have even thought about it in the first place?

Nonetheless, I am incredibly thankful for the university taking me on.  Without them, I’d be lost on so many levels it’s not even funny; but it’s about time I show the school what I’m really capable of.  It’s about time to show them why the Euphonium is the best instrument there is.

It’s about time I put my considerable talent and skill to actual work, for the first time in years.  I’ll show them that they were right to take me on this year, this I promise you.



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