Pokes Blog, Is Found Dead

Welp, looks like the blog is dead.  Not much to say about this one, really.

I wrote, I stopped writing, I wrote again, and then I stopped.  Honestly, I had a few good moments with this blog: unfortunately, not enough of them to keep it going.

See, when I write about something, I really want to enjoy re-reading it, and I want to have fun writing it.  However, both of these things are completely lost to this blog.

First, I don’t know what it is about my writing, but it’s about as entertaining as roadkill.  Nothing about this blog screams satisfaction of writing.  Second, I keep getting the feeling that everything I write down here keeps needing a censor to avoid being backlashed by people close to me about whom I write.  Honestly, I feel trapped in my own people, and it’s a restricting, suffocating place to write in.  I hate it, and as a result, I hate writing for this blog.

So yeah.  That’s it then.  Honestly, I’m not really that sad: this blog was started to reflect a new part of my life, a new chapter.  With Lorelai and I splitting up a couple of months back, that chapter ended, and a new one has started.  The characters have developed, the story continues onwards, and the chapter from the past is left behind.

I don’t know what it is with me and ending blogs in July, but meh.  It happens, I guess.

No forwarding address this time, though, because if I do decide to start a new blog, I want no one I know to know it’s there.  My brother had it right: if you have a personal blog, keep it to yourself.

In any case, that’s that.  No teary goodbyes, no promise of anything new, just the knowledge that this club is closed.





  1. Ah well. It was fun. I enjoyed reading what you had to say and I wish you the greatest of successes with where ever life takes you. I would suggest that you don’t just sit in your inner tube and float down the river, but grab a paddle and strike out for every shiny thing that catches your eye.

    Take chances and live your life.

    Now I’m 40 years old and married with two kids, so I’m quite content to coast along myself, but I’m also an Australian country boy living in Los Angeles so I must have taken at least one chance 😉

    Live your life.


  2. You know, I think I enjoyed this place a lot more than your last one, to be honest. Plus it was nice just to know that you’re still alive and kicking. Guess I will have to log my butt onto twitter a little more often now eh? *hugs*


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