It crits for over 9000


But yeah, in all seriousness, I feel so blech.  I mean, it’s grey.  Very grey outside.

I mean, JUST THIS IN: God is definitely a woman ’cause she had mood swings.  And she makes everyone else subject to them.  I mean, if there’s a God, I don’t know.

So yikes, it’;s shitty outside.  Upside, I have a possible job opportunity, and HEY! My brother graduated, and is now looking for work too.  Maybe I should hang with him for the summer? He could use the buddy system, I know I could, it could totally work for us!

Then again, he’s manic about his cleanliness.  😦

Other than that, things are okay.  Listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack: SO epic.  Why? Because Hans Zimmer did the music.  Hans Zimmer is the same guy that did Sherlock Holmes, Pirates, Gladiator, and BATMAN.  He’s an amazing man, I wish I could compose like he can: but he’s German, so he’s got an edge I’ll never have.

THAT’s all for now.


One comment

  1. Of course God is a woman. We don’t call her Mother Earth because we like the sound of it 😛
    She’s a pretty good composer, too. But you need time, patience, and somewhere quiet in order to listen to her music.


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