On Dreams

Hey, here’s a fact I bet you didn’t know about me: I haven’t had a proper dream since I was about 10 or so.

Not that I can remember, at least.  I used to remember all my dreams, and I would think about them all day.  The last one I remember was a flying dream I had.

See, I thought I was a dragonfly, and not the bug kind.  The kind from an old kids show I used to watch, that had little toy action figures for them too.  It’s old enough and bad enough that I can’t find any trace of it on the internet in a preliminary search.

In any case, I was some cool dude with two giant wings attached to my suit, and I was flying around, above the clouds, wind in my face, surrounded by bright yellows and pinks and reds from the clouds, since the sun was setting.

I still remember that dream.  That was the last dream I remember.  After that, I went through a series of nightmares, and then I stopped remembering my dreaming altogether.

I don’t know why, and I don’t know how.  I really haven’t stopped to question it until recently, and I really want to know what it was that made me stop remembering my dreams.  Does my brain just fail at defragging, as it were? or is it something more complicated?

Maybe I’m just being too complicated about it.

Either way, sweet dreams everyone.



One comment

  1. I was doing a bit of reading on why some people more easily remember their dreams than others and came across an experiment where people who insisted they did not dream were allowed to fall asleep, monitored, and shortly after entering REM Sleep were woken up. All of the participants were able to remember what they had been dreaming, and almost all were amazed that they actually did have dreams.

    It was determined that people are more likely to remember their dreams when they wake up during REM sleep, or immediately afterwards. Those people who continue to sleep on and do not wake up until some time after REM sleep are far less likely to remember their dreams.

    This would seem to indicate that someone who rarely remembers their dreams possibly has a better night’s sleep than someone who does remember their dreams, because the first person probably has longer periods of unbroken sleep.


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