Growing Up Isn’t All That

The more and more I’m told to grow up, the more and more I want to understand this concept.

I mean, the idea of it: we’re supposed to get a job.  What else are we supposed to do, though?

We’re supposed to learn to drive.  We’re supposed to drink, have sex, make babies, and “progress” through life (I’ll talk about progress another time).  The big thing though, is this: we’re supposed to get a job.  If you have one of those, you’re instantly better than anyone who doesn’t have one.

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t working for the rest of your life seem a little stifling? Yes, you make money.  You earn a house, you get kids, yada-yada and so forth.  That’s all good: but it seems so regimented and ordered that it looks almost… boring.

Some really like this stability, and that’s fine with me.  I’m not sure I do: I like stability, but not enough to base my life around the idea.  I don’t want the 9-5 job.  I don’t want a full time boss.  I don’t want to be stuck in the wheel of society, eventually rusting away.

This idea, of rusting, is what “growing up” feels like to me.  Running around. pounding pavement, has been the most demeaning task I’ve ever set out to do.  Every time I’m through with handing in an application, all I think is how useless I really am in this “real world.”

The other thing is, how on earth am I supposed to get a job with no experience? To be honest, I actually do have lots of experience.  Even with it, people tell me I don’t have enough.  Okay, that’s cool, but could you give me some? No? What do you expect me to do, grind Xp on the local playground monsters?

*sigh* I guess I’m just exasperated.  I feel like an equal in my school, where my skill is appreciated.  The instant I come back home, I feel like a tool who can’t be used by anyone.

Grah, so annoyed.  😦

Maybe I just don’t understand what’s so great about it.  Maybe I just need to suck it up.

But to me, it seems so unnatural and…





  1. Dude, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been plagued by thoughts like those since before I left high School and they are still annoying at this very moment.



  2. I’m personally quite happy with the idea of working… assuming Renewable Energy, which is the next big thing (in terms of both economy and engineering, engineering being what I’m doing at Uni) really takes off, I like the idea of working in that, and the fact it could even mean living in the North of Scotland, which is just gorgeous.

    What I hate at the moment is the bother of finding a job I don’t really want but need. I was very fortunate in my last job, before I moved, in that I just walked into the place and got it… I don’t see that happening now, and it’s the idea of having to go all over, handing in CVs, hoping for SOMETHING – it’s that that gives me the “UGH I WISH I WAS SEVEN AND MY LIFE REVOLVED AROUND FALLING IN BURNS AND CLIMBING TREES AGAIN” rage.


  3. I was pretty lucky in my jobs, got to work with my Uncle for a few weeks, then worked in sales for a few weeks to get some experience. Then went into my first proper job and worked for 3 years.

    I then went to Europe on my annual leave, then when I came back I realised how much I didn’t like it and got a job at the snow and moved there for 6 months.

    On the 2nd day after I got back from my snow job, I got an interview here and now I’ve been here for 7 months and I’m pretty happy with it. Enough annual leave to take a few snow holidays and enough money to happily live out of home with enough extras that I don’t get bored.

    And I just bought another snowboard 😛


  4. As someone who’s been seeking employment for the last year or so, I can relate. While yes, I’d love to have something to do and get paid doing it, this economy is balls. As for the growing up part? Bleh. I’m close to 30, if I’m not “grown” then I never will be.

    I still ponder the question, “What will you be when you grow up?” and it irks me all of the time.


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