We Require More Blogs

Actually, we just got a new one!

I am now part of a trifecta (triforce?) of bloggers who now make up the new We Require More Rupees blog!

What does this mean? It’s simple: I now have a blogging outlet for my video gaming posts.  Craig and Alex from Plagued Candles are now working with me on this little project, designed for one reason only:

Write about games!

It’s going to have reviews, and guides, and podcasts, and everything for all the games we play; from computers to consoles, from cartridge and CD’s to Flash based games, it’s going to be filled to the brim with awesome.

It comes complete with another e-mail, more contact info, and a specific purpose: something I’ve missed having with this blog.  The curse of a bigger sandbox (this blog) is that it’s hard to think of what to write sometimes.  The smaller sandbox that We Require More Rupees has is a blessing to me: I have a goal with that blog, and a specific one at that.  The rest is chaff.

No, this blog isn’t shutting down.  I’m still going to be living in a real world, and this blog is made for that.  Now Craig, Alex and I have a new, fun blog to play with.  I’d love it if the gamers reading my blog would check that place out, ’cause it’s already hoppin’!


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