News From Around My Universe

I’m done year 2 of school! Yesterday saw me walk out of a jury performance actually proud with what I did, a first for me as far as I know.  I didn’t screw up too much, I had a great sound, and I remembered to breath almost the whole way through.  I’ve never felt so proud to be learning music as I was yesterday, ’cause I proved that I could damn well do it!

Lorelai has been accepted into one of the most prestigious hospitality programs in the world! She’s very excited of course, and so am I.  She’s going to have so much fun with all these new people, learning about things she really wants to learn about.  Hopefully the change in environment will be a positive one!

Remember that crazy named blogger I told you to keep and eye on?  Nekoku… thingie? Well, she finally had the time to write a review of Dr. Parnasus.  And write she did! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen as in depth a review as this, and I mean in depth, so be sure to check out this academic review! She would appreciate comments, I’m sure.

Did I mention Lorelai got accepted into a really cool program? I might have.

It’s not all fun and roses though: I have yet to get a reply back from the jobs I’ve applied to for the summer.  I really hope that people are hiring, because I can’t afford to not have one.  Which actually bothers me: I’d be fine if I had just joined the goddamn military band.

On top of that, I have been getting so steamed at some of my games lately because no one else I know plays them when I do.  It’s like every time I get a game that I can play online, none of my friends are online to play with me, or don’t play with me ’cause they don’t want to.  It’s been getting to a point where I ask myself why I bother?

I have PSZero, but no one I know plays.  So I resort to playing solo offline, and it’s lonely.  Heroes of Newerth is the only thing I can really play online with other people, but it gets really aggravating to play with some of the people you can find on there.  I mean, it makes me want to re-install WoW just so I can play games with competent people once in awhile.  Which isn’t happening.

Maybe I’m doomed to playing by myself?

Bah, whatever.  If all else fails, I could go outside.




    1. I kinda want to get pokemon for that reason alone… but I don’t have zee cash.

      Also, I seemed to run into good people in WoW. At least my close friends and I ran a good raid!


  1. Great job on finishing 2nd year! 😀

    …wait, where do you study?

    Good luck on your summer job search. I know what it’s like. D: If you get really desperate, you could always work with me at Telepoll (lol, if you’re desperate that is).

    Also, thanks for the plug. I appreciate it. :]


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