Nekoku… what?


Neko… Nekee… Nekokururo?  Kabuto?

In any case, I have another friend who is going to try her hand at blogging! Her name is Martina A.K.A Kururu, and she is a film blogger.

No, that means she rants and raves about film.  Or will be.

You see, she literally JUST started, and at the WORST possible time: exam season.  I heartily recommend you keep your eyes on her though, because she really, REALLY likes movies.  Enough to write a blog exclusively for them.

So, make sure you check out That Other World and bookmark it.  I’m expecting some pretty fun stuff to come from there.

Good luck Kururu!

As for everyone else, ask before you start rummaging through the fridge please…




    I have been a very bad boy and have not been keeping up with blogs. But I am BACK and I’m going to post annoying comments on all your posts and follow yer mates blog.

    Fear me.


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