The Reason I Won’t Buy Pokemon Anytime Soon

Those eyes won't get me to play the game, Charmander.

I am a huge pokefan.  I have owned at least one of every generation of the games since Blue version way back when.  I loved the simple, yet powerful gameplay evolve from a simplistic game where I can run through the elite 4 with my blastoise alone to a strategically fun game where different pokemon are absolutely necessary.

However, it’s this exact same change which has gone too far, and has, pretty much, turned me off of Pokemon games forever.

The big change was adding more than enough variables to customize pokemon with, with not enough ways to control them.  Let’s start with natures.

Natures are special traits pokemon have that influence their statistical growth.  This cannot be known until you catch or hatch a pokemon.  You cannot influence or manually choose the nature of a pokemon.  If you have a pokemon that relies on special attacks, and he has a nature that reduces that stat, then you’re out of luck.

Second, Passive Abilities.  These abilities are also random, and most pokemon have a choice of 2 of them: once again, however, this is randomized.  And I don’t know if it’s just my bad luck, but it seems that certain passives are rarer and harder to get than others, once again randomizing your pokemon.

Third, EV’s, or Effort Values.  EV’s are a special point you get for battling your pokemon against other pokemon.  Your opponent will give you a certain number of EV’s, dependant on the pokemon, and these EV’s influence and increase your pokemon’s stat growth.  This level of customization is not visible in any way, and so you have to guess which pokemon give which EV’s, and how many.  You cannot track the progress of these EV’s in game, from what I could tell in Pearl anyway.

Lastly, there are IV’s or… whatever it means, Internal Values, I don’t know! Either way, this is the biggest prick of them all.  It’s untrackable, unchangeable, and impossible to determine without being a large computer.  The IV’s are values that are determined in a pokemon from the moment you own it, and are indescribably annoying for a Min/maxer like myself.  Since you cannot see it, change it, or otherwise know about it at all, it could make all the training in the world useless compared to some guy who simply had better luck with his catch.  It’s indescribably retarded and is hardly strategic.

And that is why I don’t think I will get the new pokemon games: randomization.  When I learned about all this shit in Pearl, I nearly drove myself mad with all the stat boosting and strategy mongering I was trying to do.  Trying to breed the proper Sableye with these moves, the Sceptile with those stats… only to discover that, finally, some pokemon are better than others, and not for any lack of trying.  Yes, it makes your Growlithe and your friend’s Growlithe different, but is it fair? I would argue Not.

Dissatisfied with pokefate,


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  1. I’ve got the new heart gold and theres definately some points I agree with. Natures are fairly easily controlled though (get a pokemon with the nature you want and sychronise gives any wild pokes a 50% chance, same with ditto/mother and everstone for bred pokemon) and the new games actually show you which stat is increased/decreased by the nature on the pokemons stat screen.

    Evs have allways been there, its just that all we used to know in the red/blue days as that trained pokes are better than wild, now some clever metagamers have worked out exactly how. and since there are berries which undo them they aren’t too hard to controll in a normal play through (just decide 2 starts you want maxxed and give berries very so often to lower the others)

    Passive abilities I find are a good thing in general, although I also find some seem more common than others (pinsir rarely seem to have mold breaker for some reason).

    However on Ivs I’d agree, the level of difference they make is very large, particually on the weaker pokemon types, sure on arceus with its base 120 stats +30 isn’t a huge difference, but if you have a beedrill then you better hope you have 31 in your attack or you’ll find your damage is pitiful. I’d wuite like it if every pokemon got give, say 100 ivs split up over the stats, so all pokemon were numerically equal, but theres still tweaking for the min-maxxers.

    Still I got heart gold 2 days ago (got it a day before release) and so far its a marked improvement on pearl in almost every way (though I hear theres no poke-radar which was my choice for losing hours of my life)


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