I’m Having A Sad


I’m getting really fat.  Depressingly so, and I need it to stop.

I have already singled out the reason I’m getting wide ’round the middle, and it’s because of what I eat and my lack of exercise; who on Earth couldn’t have guessed that one?! It’s not so much the exercise part that depresses me, either.  I’m looking forward to gaining some muscle, getting beefy, getting trim for the summer, nothing bad there.

The bad part is giving up the food I love!

Every Wednesday, I have a Curry night at my place.  Without tooting my own horn too much, I think I make a wicked sick curry these days.  I have 3 people that come by every Wednesday to eat curry, hang out, and have a good night.  It gives me something to look forward to every week other than Fridays.

Unfortunately, a little bit of knowledge came to me recently: curry normally has 600-1000 calories in an average, run-o-the-mill beef curry.  This is, as you can imagine, a depressingly high number for someone who likes their curry as much as I do.

In addition, this means getting rid of a large number of my Pasta dinners, my potatoes, and pretty much everything else I can feasibly and economically cook without everything spoiling.

However, this does have an upside: I’m going to be cooking new things.  I mean, I have to, right? And I actually love cooking and creating new things! So, this should be fun.  I’m going to be basing my meals off of recipes to start, and then start creating my own meals at some point out of vegetables and such.

Curry night will also still go strong.  There are so many different ways to cook curry, I’m sure there’s a low fat version someplace; but if there isn’t, then to hell with it, I’m staying fat and happy.  I want my damn curry!

Festively plump,




  1. Have you thought about making a Turkey curry or a Vegetable curry to cut down on the calories? Would the friends who come over be receptive to that? Also how active are they, and do you have the space/facilities for a 30-min game of 2-on-2 football or basketball prior to eating? A good curry wants to simmer anyway, to really bring out the flavor, so that’s plenty of time to do something physical before eating. If you’re not really into the sports & sweating thing, maybe the four of you could go for a 15-30 minute walk before dinner.


    1. Actually, I’ve already found several vegetable curry recipes I am excited to try, so that seems to be covered.

      As far as anything physical + my friends go, It’s not likely to happen. 😛 Although I do like the idea, I’ll see how receptive they are to a frisbee…


      1. You may not think frisbee would be terribly active, but you’re working upper body muscle groups with the toss, plus the short bursts of activity running, jumping, etc, to catch an errant throw and you might be surprised at how much exercise you get 🙂


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