Phantasy Star Zero FTW Part 2

There are one or two things I forgot to mention that are important about this game.

You can Dodge.  Manually.  Like, DO A BARREL ROLL!
No really, you can now dodge.  Granted, this shortens the number of action hotkeys, but it might as well be a potion for the number of times it can help you avoid any damage.  There is no way to beat this game without the roll, not unless you’re going to drip feed yourself into a drunken potionic stupor.

You can modify and customize your weaponry
Granted, it’s a fairly basic system of “bring me a weapon and an element, and I’ll add a prefix,” but you couldn’t do that before.  Now I can have my laser cannon, and give it a stun element too! It’s a shocking change!

There aren’t any interactive load screens
Normally, this would be bad.  However, this is good news for us.  Why? BECAUSE THERE ISNT ANY LOADING AT ALL.  A brief flash of white, and BAM, you’re where you need to be.

You have team mates in story mode
There have been enough times where I’ve thanked the gods above for some self healing meat shields with guns and swords.  Need to back off for some breathing room? No problem, because someone else will be closer to the bad guy than you are, and it’s proximity based aggro here, folks!

However, there’s something else about having teammates…

Your teammates are as dumb as bricks
Unfortunately, they don’t know how to turn a corner, or do a barrel roll.  You’ll be spending more than a few resta spells to keep you meat shields alive.  Happily, nothing significantly bad happens if they die: and they normally die during a boss stage, where they come back to life immediately after the fight. Fun times.

Nothing details what your MAG’s photon blast actually DOES
I’m all for a little adventure work and figuring shit out, but when one of my most powerful abilities is described by name, and the name is “palia” or something like that, I’d like to know what it does in advance please, instead of finding out it’s a linear attack when I thought it was circular.

I turned my MAG into a Rappy by accident, and there’s no way to turn it back
He used to be this really cool fox looking thing too.  God dammit.

That’s about it on my end.  Have a good Sunday!



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