Happy Birthday Lorelai!

Once a year we celebrate
one year around a burning ball.
By lighting candles and eating cake
And blowing them out one and all.

Your birthday this year brought life in full.
Good and bad have made their due.
But weathered storms or weathered breezes,
You’re standing strong, you always do.

So here’s a toast, to years gone by.
To friends, family, and passerby,
To people in your life you’ve known and met,
and to those you that haven’t, quite yet.

But most important, a toast to you
A woman impeccable, shining, and bright!
Your light glowing truer as years go on,
never dimming, no longer a fawnling light.

Here’s to the girl, that now has grown.
Here’s the woman that forges on,
Here’s to the soul that dreams of old…
And to a body that knows no bounds!
Here’s to Lorelai!

Happy Birthday huney!


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