Tomorrow Might Or Might Not Be Awesome

I haven’t decided yet.

On one end, I have the promise of a Band reading, with free food, followed up by a visit to a friend’s house where I will likely play HoN and Smash Bros. ’til it’s no longer healthy.  On the other, I have a really early lesson, a class, and the a theory midterm that I am no longer confident for anymore.

So I’m not sure if tomorrow will be awesome or not.  It’s not that it will be bad, but if that mid term doesn’t work out, it’s bad news bears.

On my lawn, eating my garbage, chewing on passing dogs before the city zoo catches them and puts them back in the cage.

Here’s hoping my studying pays off!

On another bunch of notes, I know I owe everyone a scathing review of a movie.  I know that I owe everyone some more podcasts, and a wicked YouTube video.  Here’s the thing: the movie review? It’s long, and I don’t know how I left off the way I did anymore.  I’ll need to rewatch that movie first, maybe sometime this weekend.

The YouTube video? I have no idea what I can do on it right now.  I don’t have a camera aside from the one on my computer, which means the video would have to be, in essence, a video podcast.

And if you thought my radio casting was terrible already, I’m not much to look at either: however, if anyone has any ideas for the podcast, be sure to let me know.  I really want to put one together, it’s having an audience that gives a shit whether I do or don’t that’s giving me pause.

Oh well.  Either way, tomorrow should be good.



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