There’s Something To Be Said For A Lack Of Posting

Lack of posting does give me a lot of time to do other things.  However, recently I’ve discovered that writing is a lot more fun, and I really topped ’cause I was uber busy looking for work, doing work, being sociable, and just doing everything at once.

However, I have got to realize that my writing on this blog is something I love to do, which it is.  In addition, I spend a crazy amount of time being bored when I shouldn’t be.  I could write! So I’m going to make it a point to write more often.  Am I bored? Write.  Am I done my work? Write.

Write write write.  I must.

You know what would really help though? having a cellphone with the ability to sync to my damn computer.  It would need a camera, but there are a number of things that a camera would help with.  Another thing that would help is a general interest in my own life.

You know, it’s strange: I’ve recently begun to watch a show called the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, or something like that.  Granted, there are some really (really) strange things about it, but I genuinely enjoy the show.  Why? Because not only is it pretty well written and the art is really good, but there’s something to be said about a show that tries to show that there is always something to do, and that boredom really doesn’t have to exist.

I’m also surviving on 2 hours of sleep.  This is not a coherent post.

And the fish ran away with the spoon.  The end.

In all tiredness, apologeticness, and the drive of a snail,



One comment

  1. Dude, I love Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumia. It would definetely be in at least the top five list of my favorite animes.

    …Now I want to watch it. I don’t have time for this. D=


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