A Rough Start

You know what sucks?

Locking yourself out of your room while brushing your teeth, about 30 minutes before class starts.


So not only did I do a /facepalm loud enough to wake up my housemates, the ensuing cursing lasted for a good two minutes as I finished my toiletry.

Once that was done, I put on my extra pair of shoes I always leave outside of my room, and went outside to search for my RA.  Happily, I had remembered to put on a pair of pants before leaving my room.  Unhappily, everything else I needed was in my room, and needed to get out.  I set out to get my door opened, and stepped outside in the cool, not-actually-that-frosty-air.

I checked the RA rooms, and the person on duty wasn’t there.  They did, however, leave a pager number.  I went to a different, nearby residence building, grabbed the phone at the front desk, and dialed the pager number.  I left the extension number as a message.  I quickly received a call back, and within the hour I was back in my room.

… 45 minutes or so after my class had started.  Grrrrreat.

Upside? She didn’t charge me for the lockout.  I must be super cool or something.

Hopefully the rest of today doesn’t knock me out like that.  It’s super rude to lock a person out of their room while they’re brushing their teeth ya know.

It’s also super dumb if you do it to yourself.  Lesson learned: privacy isn’t worth the annoyance of your room autolocking by accident, causing you to miss a class.  Good jearb.

At least after the first two minutes I kept a cool head.  I’m getting really good at not huffing arund when things go wrong and staying melancholy about it.  No rage, no stress, happy Phil!

Keepin’ it cool,


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