My favourite time of year, hands down, is winter.  Not the weak, here and there, fence sitting winters with no snow, I’m talking winters where the snow comes down for days.

See, winter has been and always will be my mistress.  Her lips kiss me cooly on my head, her fingers playing with my hair as I walk through a world now made perfect by her decorating.  She may be cold sometimes, but her beauty and playfulness are almost without equal.  Lorelai still takes first place, don’t worry hun.  😀

My favourite part of winter, however, is snow.  Without a doubt the defining feature of a proper winter, snow is a fluffy white comfort blanket.  It covers the world in a layer of white so pure that for the few minutes it remains unsullied, I can see a perfect world; and every time I see snow I feel warm inside, giddy even.  If I’m caught walking outside with snow falling, you can see the biggest, shit eating grin on my face.  I have even been found to giggle uncontrollably and start skipping, dancing, or singing, especially in conjunction with this song.

I love snow so much that I even wrote it out on my lawn last night at around 1 am.  In massive honking letters:


A lot.



    I’m hurt, I’m crushed, I’m BETRAYED!!! *sniff* *sniff*…I can be playful too.. 😥
    You say I come first, well thank you, but I don’t think any woman wants to come numbered!!!!! EVEN IF I”M FIRST!! YOU BETRAYER!

    …..Although if you can decribe nature, and love it that much, and that poetically, and I still come ahead of that..Then I feel loved, not betrayed, but VALUED!!! 😀 😀 😀


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