Jack Stamp, I Hate You So Much

HI. %$#@ YOU.

I just wanted to say, from the bottom of my heart…

$#@& you for creating the most aggravating music to play, ever.  You are my worst favourite composer, simply because you compose music that is UN-fun to play.  No other composer or music has made me this angry.
See, the idea behind music is to be PLAYING it.  It should be fun.  None of this absurd, weird, absolutely screwed up music that makes anyone playing it feel like they’re playing the uncool, dissonant, downright WORST version of “Through the Fire and Flames” by Dragonforce.  BUT WITH A %$#@ING LOG UP YOUR ASS.

See, I am okay with fast music.  It’s fun; just look at any march, or dance style musics.  I’m okay with dissonance too; between such fine examples like “Mars” by Holst, or a lot of 12 tone Jazz, dissonance is a fine thing.  What’s NOT fine is making the dissonance sound like a horrible choked kitten on anti-helium.

You’re a probably a nice person, and a lot of people probably enjoy your work;  I don’t.  I know art is about understanding rather than liking, but if “Cloudsplitter Fanfare” is your idea of the airforce, I’m not really sure that it’s a proud image.  It’s ugly, nasty, and until the end, completely confused.  Even the end is kinda saying “so wait, are we finished? Oh we are! FANTASTIC.”

Maybe I’m just an angry student, but Jack? Your music: it annoys me.  Greatly.  I hope you’re happy.



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