Laundry Is Done!


How many clothes do I OWN?

Post-Laundry, look at the benefits!

I can see my reflection!


This took me 5 hours to do, but it was well worth it.

Next time, I am not waiting to do laundry, cause 4 hours of it is BALLS.



Need I go on? It’s no fun.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad.  Like, I would do it again, just with LESS.  No problems.  But this? Never again.  4-5 hours is way too many.

Upside? Mom, my room is clean.  You may now wish I would do the same at home.  😀

Everyone else, you can now give me your lack of two shits.  Up front now, no cheques.



  1. We took all the bottles and cans and newspapers to the recycling center yesterday. We started loading them into the back of the SUV, and continued loading them, and continued loading them, and…there’s still more??? When we were finally done you could actually see the garage floor. Amazing!

    We got $9 for several months worth of recycling 😛


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