Help Needed

I need help organizing my room! It’s ridiculous!

I mean, does it have a life of it’s own? Or am I just incapable of keeping it clean?

... help!

Also? I’ve been pandering and pondering as to whether or not I should start a new blog.

Yes.  A new one.  This time, about Heroes of Newerth… or about Magic: the Gathering.  Should I make a new site? or should I stay with one at a time? and if I do make a new one, what should it be about?

Like I said, I need help.




  1. I’m gonna be a cheeky cunt here an say… your room isn’t clean cause you’re being lazy! 😛

    It takes literally like 10 seconds to make your bed. Honestly!

    I dare you to time yourself on how long it takes for you to tidy up everything in your room – i bet it’ll be less than 20 minutes to get all that clutter taken care of! Just go as quickly as you can – put on some of your fave music and DO NOT GET SIDETRACKED!!

    GO! 😛


  2. Id say no to a new blog, just because you post on this one with a lot of “post coming laters” so by starting a new one, I have to check 2 blogs and still only get the same amount of phil. There is nothing stopping you from posting about magic or hon here, just mix everything in…

    If someone doesn’t like something then they will skip over it.

    And cleaning rooms is teh ghey… Cuts into my Hon and MTG time 😛


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