Well, That’s Cool.

Cooler than that, fo sho.

A+ in conducting.  Huh.  I guess I am a closet control freak.

I now own the world’s fuzziest blanket! It even reproduces more fuzzies. Everywhere.  It’s like blanket dandruf.

There’s something to be said about a character in a game that is able to single handedly 3 shot most people if he doesn’t get messed up too badly.  Also? He looks pretty badass.

I got a new Magic deck! This time, it’s Allies, a new type from Zendikar.  Cool part? It’s like balanced slivers: every ally gives a bonus to other allies whenever an ally or itself enters play.  Best part? One of them is a hunter.

Sir: “Oh look!  A bathrobe!”
Ma’am: “Put it on! Try it.”
Sir: “Where’s my belt?”
Ma’am: “There better be one!”
Me: “Yeah, ’cause there’s no way you could contain Sir without one.”
Everyone other than me: “…”

Me: “Wow Adam, that’s a really cool measuring tape? Can I see it?”
Adam: “Sure.  It comes with a self marking thing, a light, recoil absorbers…”
Me: “Sweet! Just holding this makes me feel manly.”
Sir: “But you don’t use them, puny man.”

Merry Christmas everyone!


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