Projects For The Holidays

-Practice Euphonium.  Like, a shit ton.  Seriously, I want to eventually sound like David Childs or Derick Kane.  Those two are my Euphonium idols.

-Make 3 New Magic decks, 2 of which can’t be an old one remade.  I’ve made one already, but it needs a win condition other than “Oh look, Cranial plating.”  How much do Arcbound Ravagers and Shrapnel Blast go for these days? Also, want to seriously make a good soldier deck.  😀

-Spend more time with everyone.  ‘Nuff said.

-Get good with a few heros in HON.  I really want to get good with Wildsoul, and I want to learn how to jungle early with Zephyr without dying.

-Sort all my cards.  Easier said than done, let me tell you.

-Find a job for the summer.  See above.

-Write more.  This is doable.

How about all of you?



  1. Well, not quite done my exams yet, so my first goal is to pass those. I am determined to finish this piece of music that I am collaborating on with Miranda Allen….I really need to kick myself in the ass to get moving.

    I have decided I need to come up with an “I win” deck to fight off Dave’s freaking Faeries and discard deck (although my Soldier deck officially does that I just want a deck to counter all the counters he has in the Faeries) I also want to work on a burn deck just for fun, it might be the only way to fight the freaking Faeries by just burning everything with constant spells so eventually some of them get past the counters.

    I also want to work on my trumpet playing hard core so I can bring my chops back up to snuff in my classical and Jazz idioms.

    Other than that dude I’m just working like mad trying to pay my debts for my schooling. One more class to go and I am DONE DONE DONE. well until I start my masters, but that is pure music and I won’t have to take any non music classes (woohoo!)

    Have a good holiday, I’ll pick up the audition music tomorrow before my exams and send it to you tomorrow night.


  2. For me, I need to do some extra credit stuff for my AP class definitely.

    Hook up my new computer, and not blow it up (piece o’ cake)!

    Hang around with my friends.

    Pretty simple I suppose, but whatever, I’ve been stressed as hell lately so a good vacation will be MUCH appreciated for sure!

    Oh, and get my permit. Still haven’t gotten that yet.


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