That Did Not Go Well


To say the least, my jury did not go well.

I made it well on time, and was prepared.  I knew how to do all my hard parts, and had been practicing the fingering silently for the past week.  I did a 5 minute warm up, breezed through the hard parts, and sat waiting.  I was pretty sure this would go really well.

When it was time for me to go, the juror who let me in had the same excitement level of a slug, which is to say, none at all.  Annoying, disconcerting, and maybe a little demoralizing but whatever; I had this in the bag.  This was going to be a no problem jury, the way I practiced it.

If there’s something to learn from all this, it’s coming up.

So I stand facing the piano and the panel of 4 jurors, and it’s time for me to face the music.

Without wanting to go into to much detail, this is what was going through my head.

“What the <Censored> did you do that for? What the hell! Okay, it’s only the beginning, we can try to…. WHAT THE <censored> WAS THAT?! Oh god, now the one is falling asleep, this isn’t good aaaand… yup, missed my A again.  Okay, here’s another chance to… CRAP.  Screw it, this next bit is easy, we can hop back on he- OH COME ON! SERIOUSLY?! COME ON! CO- OH GREAT.  Now I missed the next bunch.  Hopefully this is going to turn around…”


When I finished, the jurors, to their everlasting credit, were kind and gave me a smile.  But I’ll be damned if they actually thought that was a good performance, and I’ll be double damned if I don’t get a C in that class from that shoddy piece of crap I tried to call playing music.

At least I get to go home.




  1. Sok dude, we all have one of those. People that say they havent are too scared to admit it. I had one of those my second year and still walked away with a B- only mine was so sad the jurors asked me to restart. Now thats bad! Next time you’ll rock their socks off.


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