Finals Are Like Megaman Bosses

If I had to categorize University Finals as anything, it’d be like Megaman bosses.

Why? Because they all come back at the end to kick your sorry ass one last time before finally letting you win.

This year wasn’t so bad, and could have been a lot better had I planned better, got on things earlier, and just been a better student; but I wasn’t, so I pretty much knocked myself over, beat the shit out of myself, tossed a rag on to my ragged, bleeding self and said “Clean yourself up.”

See, I’ve played concerts in the Wind Ensemble, taught kids how to play an instrument I had no clue how to teach, wrote a paper that was made of crap, created a presentation that never fully saw the light of day, and a theory exam which I’m sure is going to ambush my mark from behind and give it a new hole from which to excrete waste, to put it politely.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to what is going to happen at 6 PM on December the 14th, which is today actually as of 26 minutes ago.

I am going to dress in a monkey suit, and grab Gary the euphonium, and then walk into a room with nothing more than a desk between me and 3 judges who plan on tearing apart my playing skill with the ruthless savagery of a Raging Kavu.

I cannot fall asleep, since I’m not even tired.  But I am.  Which is strange, considering I have had a long day so far and should fall asleep like that.

Damnit, didn’t work.

In any case, nervous as hell, and I’m really not looking forward to my jury.  At all.

Well, here’s to more posts from me in the near future, and an announcement of a secret project that might take a lot of time away from this blog, and put it into another idea…




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