My Desktop Is Like My Room

So yeah, I’m a messy person.  I have a serious habit of not cleaning my room when I need to, and it’s something my parents would love to knock out of me.

Well, now I don’t live in their house, and my room is a mess.

The reason I am telling you all this is because there was a bit of discussion on twitter today about desktops, and how, as Rilgon put it, “Messy desktops make baby Rilgon rage :<”

Well, I hope he’s ready to weep from fury.  I use a Mac, and this is how my Desktop looks.
My only saving grace is that the dock at the bottom hides.




  1. I have my desktop set to automatically sort items by name. It’s still cluttered, but at least it’s organized.

    My own dock isn’t set to auto-hide, but I have it set to be on the right and side and pretty small, so it’s still out of the way.


      1. Quicksilver is, basically, an app launcher; you hit the customizable keyboard shortcut to open it, type in an app name, or the letter it starts with, or just a few letters (so if I wanted to open WoW I’d type W, or Wo, and Peggle Nights would just need a PN), hit enter and voila! The app is open!


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