The Lack Of Writing Disturbs Me

You may have noticed a slight lack of posting on my part.

I swear I have  good excuse! Don’t touch me! Or the couch.  I just refurbished it.

Between a 10, 000 word paper, a presentation, a solo concert, and a jury performance, and a wind ensemble concert in the near future, so I think I get off the hook.

Between all of this, I’ve also had to drop out of NaNoWriMo, which sucks but w/e, I’ll save it for next year or something.  Heck, maybe I’ll write my story for fun, and post it up here.

I’d give more filler, but I’d need more time to do it than what I have available.  Yeah, it’s a heavy workload.

All told? Too busy; need holiday.  Will try to rant later today if I can.



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