Making Up For Lost Rage

So, a few of you have thought that I’ve gipped you, and I promised rage and didn’t deliver.  Well, I thought this might be a good replacement.



I am fed up with my house being cold! I mean, come the hell ON! It’s NOVEMBER! And they put on the AIR CONDITIONING! It’s like trying to build a house at the north pole with no heater! No wonder I have a frackin’ cold, and it figures that I have it right before I have a lot of concerts and shit to do.


Speaking of that shit to do, why is there SO MUCH OF IT.  I expected a reasonably large amount of crap to do, but this is OBSCENE! 10,000 word page papers are hard, and I’ve tried writing a novel.


Speaking of which, ANNOYED at not being able to compete in NaNoWriMo this year (my first year!) past the 15,000 word mark.  It makes me feel bad, and I loved the character I was writing too.


I want money, but jobs around this place are really hard to get.  In addition, I can’t (for the life of me) budget anything.  As a result, I feel like crap because every time I call my dad, I keep having to ask for money.


My vitamin C chewables taste really bad.


I’m running out of shit to RRRRAAA about!

RRRRRRRRRR- oh to hell with it, I think that’s enough rage for now.




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