My Cooking

I figured I might wanna write about cooking while cooking, since the noodles are taking forever to cook.

Photo on 2009-11-12 at 19.33

Oooh, Saucy!

This is me cooking pasta with tomato sauce and ground beef.  For those wondering why I have  wooden spoon in an empty can of tomato sauce, I have this to ask you: are your stoves clean? If not, do what I’m doing and get some sort of container so you can put your messy spoon, spatulas, or whatever in them instead of on your shiny stove.

Secondly, one may wonder why I have so much tomato sauce, and that’s a really good point: I don’t know why.  It’s just a lot of it that happened to be in the can, and I really wanted a lot of saucy.  Because saucy pasta is delicious.  Particularly with about 500 grams of ground beef burbling away in there.  Don’t worry, I’m not cooking it in the sauce, it’s already precooked.  I know how to cook meat now.

The other thing people might be wondering is why is there so much water in that pot? Well, when I cook pasta I tend to cook it in two different ways: measure the water to be what I need, and it cooks faster; but if I put a LOT of water in the pot, the pasta will be properly cooked all the time, instead of some of the time if I accidentally put too little in.

But what kind of pasta is Phil eating for dinner? Wagon Wheels of course!

Photo on 2009-11-12 at 19.46

I'm pasta man! *hero music*

This is the end result:

Photo on 2009-11-12 at 19.54

Bravo! You made NOODLES. SO HARD. /sarcasm

Does it make you drool? Is it tantalizing?

Well, too bad.  It’s mine.




  1. Do you use any spices or anything?

    Generally I tend to sneak in some garlic powder and a basil leaf for good measure. And with ground beef I usually put a tiny bit of salt and a bit of pepper.



  2. I like to cook the noodles until they’re just shy of al dente (apparently that’s Latin (or French (or something)) for “all dented”, which just means you can dent the noodles when you squeeze them (like your noodle…I mean wagon wheel. See how the sides next to your fingers are dented?) and when they’re all dented (like your noodle/wagon wheel) it means they’re done…so…er…where was I? Oh yeah…cooking the noodles until they’re just shy of al dente) then I pop them into the sauce for the last couple of minutes of cooking so they can absorb a little bit of the saucy goodness, and…tastiness from the sauce.

    If you do that they’ll be el supremo, which is apparently a Koorie (Australian Aboriginal) phrase meaning “bonzer tucker, mate!”


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