Concert Day

So today, I have a concert.  Will it go well? Who knows.  The thing is, most of the people I know don’t think we’re ready, and neither do I; but I hope all goes well, because I have a lot of exposed parts and solos, which I kinda have to play using the new embouchure (My old one was wrong, and I had been using it for just over 10 years, so I’m going through embouchure rehab) because I don’t have my old one anymore.  It’s gone.  Kaput! I can’t even try to play it the old way again, because my lips just won’t.

After that is a bus ride 5 hours long, while still dressed in my monkey suit (I won’t have time to change between the concert and catching my bus); and then, then do I get to see my girlfriend and family.

So here’s hoping that I make it through today!

Also, WTB moneys, ’cause bus tickets bought me back into debt.


Photo on 2009-11-13 at 09.44 #2

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