You Know What Takes A Lot Of Time?

Registering courses of course.  Not to mention some of the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen in a program being implemented for the sole purpose of keeping you glued to your screen so that you grow old and DIE, providing more room for other students to try to enter the course.

To which, of course, the same fate is available.

So I learned today that I was able to register for courses.  Well, courses are all fine and dandy, but I still don’t know which ones I want!

Okay, so the clock strikes 12.  The teacher stops his lesson, looks at the students, and more or less says “go register, you’re going to need a head start.” Well, it’s a good thing I had my computer in the class because otherwise, I’d be bent over right now.

The first thing you have to know is that registration is an online endeavour, and a fairly new one at that.  The servers used for the registration website are only just big enough to handle the influx of students that rush online when they can finally register.  It’s worse any lag I’ve ever experienced.  To understand the lag time on this site, I would like to conduct a demonstration.

First, take molasses.  Then place it outside on a cold day, like the middle of January.  Oh did I forget to mention? Now take the molasses, freeze it in liquid hydrogen and then place it on pluto for good measure.

No, I’m not done yet.  Once it’s on Pluto, you then take it and place it in a box.  If it moves anywhere, I’ll be impressed.

So anyways, that took 30 minutes of slowly moving around.  My favourite bit?

Once you said what you were majoring in, they slapped you in the face with another screen.

Click here to continue

And ye, I waited ANOTHER 10 minutes for them to allow me to start to pick my courses.

Of which I could pick three, because the other classes require instructor authorization (which it didn’t require when I was choosing my current courses) or are completely full after one day of 4th and 3rd year registration.

So I have no clue what’s going on.

/end wall’o’text



  1. My high school has this same type of system, and its funny a friend of mine decided to be a dick and register for some of the Junior/Senior level classes that required a certain level of Math/Science that we have not obtained.

    Let’s just say he’s laughing his ass off in some of the more technical courses. How they have these “You need UBER CALCULUS to THINK about taking this” is beyond me.

    /sigh At least I have my Comp Graphics and (hopefully) web design.


  2. Yeah, this is basically universally annoying 😛
    While registering for my courses this year I found I had the “Big-Brick-o-Class” ™ around 11-3, leaving me with several overlapped lectures and a few labs
    I figure I’d just switch one of my labs around, so I go in and NO
    They’re all in the same time bracket as this one, just on different days

    BUT WAIT there is one at a different time slot. 7-9 on Wednesdays, that’s perfect!


    Restricted to Engineering Majors?



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