World, Meet Julian

Sneaky Shades

A wild JULIAN has appeared!

As many of you may or may not have guessed, I do tend to use fake names on the site to hide identities.

Well, I can finally cross one name off my list.  And thank god too, ’cause I was forgetting half of them as it was!

My little brother (by age only, he’s actually pretty tall) has started his own wordpress blog, and I found it.  I hunted it down, and gutted it like a fish that totally got gutted.

Yeah, I make analogies like a Shark.  You’re not allowed to comment.

Either way, I found his blog, and now there’s no escape; Julian, A.K.A Jub, you are now visible to my legion of readers! Mwahahahaha! You will now get comments and views the likes of which I will never see!

… wait…

Welcome to the blogosphere Julian!

Everyone, you know the story: be nice, don’t wreck the furniture, and ask before taking stuff out of the fridge.

And don’t break his glasses.  Those glasses are to Julian like the Ring is to Sauron methinks…

P.S: You’ve also been added to the sidebar, so now there is a permanent link between your blog and mine.  Your views shall be undending! GAHAHAHA!



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