On Magic

Big... err... thing... on campus!

It seems that lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people lately, specifically about a certain card game: Magic the Gathering.  A good load of these questions are “wait, what? You’re playing Magic again?” to which my answer is yes, yes I am.  So the next logical question to ask is “how?”

Well, I don’t have the ability to play a lot (actually, any) of my multiplayer video games while at school, which causes me anguish.  I like games as a whole, but I love games with a little competition and a bit of a challenge.  WoW was really good for that since it had PvP and PvE.  DotA/HoN are both excellent for those conditions.  Heck, even Quake can be fun, but I can only face computer opponents at the moment (which is simply frustrating).

So at this point, I’m without a game with a human element.  This could drive you… mad?


In any case, I was sitting in the lounge one day when I noticed a friend of mine named Dan had not one, but 2 decks of Magic in his backpack.  Out of sheer nerdery, I told him that this shit was on and that we should play a game or two.  He played his Red deck, which has damaging spells and fast creatures.  I took his Blue deck, which is slow and controlling, with plenty of flying creatures.  We then duked it out, nerd style, and we both had a lot of fun!

After this, I had my reading week.  I told Dan that I would get my old deck out of it’s dusty detention, and so I did! It was a Green White deck.  Green white decks tend to be a combination of creatures that are large, and creatures that help others get larger.  Another type is the kind that creates a massive amount of little creatures that get very big very quickly.  My deck is the second type.

Upon getting back to the university, I fought Dan again; it wasn’t as fun as it could have been though.  Why? Because I slaughtered the poor guy over and over.  My deck was too good for his.  Like having all trump in your hand while your opponent has nothing but 9’s and 10’s in a game of Euchre.

Well, that shit needed to change.  I’m not playing an overpowered deck for the sake of ruining someone’s day: I’m going to make a new one.

On a Saturday, I went to the mall and bought myself some cards.  Specifically, I bought myself 2 premade decks with the express purpose of smooshing them together to create one mishmashed deck-o-doom.  There was one thing I did that would surprise my friends who’ve played with me before though…

I’m building a blue black control deck.

See, I tend to play green with a mix of white or red.  Those types of decks tend to revolve around creatures and beating the living crap out of your opponents with a small army of 7 story tall beasts, dragons, lizards, soldiers, elves, you name it.  All those nice things! My favourite one being this guy.
In truth, he’s really bad in gameplay: but he’s still AWESOME.

Now though, I’m playing a deck which revolves on playing very reservedly, countering spells and destroying my opponents creatures as I see fit in an effort to dominate the battlefield: and not only the battlefield, but my opponents memories.  As the game continues, their deck shrinks to nothing, and my opponent loses due to an inability to draw cards.

Since then, I’ve been buying some cards, tweaking, and mashing all kinds of things together to create a unique deck with a playstyle I like; however, there is one issue that plagued me for a couple of days.  Even though I had my 2 decks with different playstyles, I was not in possession of my favourite style of play: big, angry scary creatures! And so, recently, I’ve made a new deck based off of big, angry, and often ornery creatures.

So now that’s 3 decks: and each one has their own style of play and feel to it… even their own character.

Which brings me to the most fun part about the game: inventing the fluff.  See, Even though the cards show how the spell or creature might look, it’s a lot of fun to think of it in action.

For instance, there was a game where I slammed a 9 power creature into my opponent for double damage, killing him instantly.  Now imagine that in fluff: a large, angry, red, finely furred gargantuan beast with an obscenely large sword in both hands smashing my opponent, the energies from the blade coursing through the enemy mage and causing the enemy’s own life force to explode on itself.  A massive, red green flash and all that is left of my opponent…

Is a smoking pair of boots.

Awesome sight, no? Now imagine that with the deck draining abilities my blue black has: my opponent slowly goes mad trying to remember things I’d taken from him, his broken mind eventually failing him as his sanity and his mind are wiped away! Or my green white deck, with armies of plants backed up by elves, spirits, and powerful druids, backed up by the power of the light itself which blinds the opponents armies, leaving the enemy mage wide open for an attack which he can’t stop.

So yeah, I’m having fun with my old hobby again.  Just so long as I don’t get back into competitive play, I should be good for money.

And that’s the story so far.  😀



  1. Wooo, I would start playing again but I have no-one to play with >.> It gets it bit boring playing with yourself after awhile ….(lawl).

    I prefer Decks with White, especially Green/White and Black/White. I usually try to swarm my opponents with tonnes of small creatures >:]


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