This Is Hallowe’en!

Ron BlackEvery year since I can remember, I have always liked Hallow’s Eve.  Whether it was for the candy or for the costumes, I’ve always loved the idea of it.  Monsters stalk the streets, evil lurks behind every corner, but there’s treasure to be had for those brave enough to stand up to the darkness.

And what a better way to stand up to the darkness than to scare it back harder, or pretend you’re someone else?

The other reason I love this holiday (which is a funny word to describe likely the unholiest day on the calendar!) is that it gives me an excuse to watch one of my favourite movies of all time: The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Fantastic music mixed with probably the best Hallowe’en imagery I’ve ever seen in film makes for an awesome movie.

So from the World of Phil, I wish you all a happy Hallow’s Eve, and that no one gets cursed, maimed, zombified, bitten, or debuffed, but that everyone gets candy… and a good scare; because life’s no good without a good scare, and everyone needs to lighten up a little bit anyway.  I mean, seriously? Read this.

Now watch this.  Now we know that guy has a stick up his ass.  Or Buzz Killington.  Either way, we should all go to his house and haunt it! 😀

Happy Hallow’s Eve!



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